Monday, 27 July 2009

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Honour and Courage - Graham McNeil


The noble Ultramarines epitomise the Space Marines, the genetically enhanced warriors who protect the Imperium from its foes. Newly returned from the Eye of Terror, Captain Uriel Ventris must redeem himself in the eyes of his battle–brothers, who fear he may have been tainted by Chaos. When the planet Pavonis is invaded by tau, what better opportunity could Uriel have to join his Chapter in combat and prove that his honour is beyond reproach?


The Ultramarines return in an epic battle against the Tau as our favourite warrior seeks to regain his place in the brotherhood after years away on his Deathquest. Good fun, hard battle and above all a tale to bring the Astartes back to the forefront of many readers minds. Honour is hard earned on the battlefield with friendship and duty weighing heavily on each warriors mind as they seek to earn their laurels as well as save the one of the Emperors worlds from the dreaded Tau civilisation. Cracking read and definitely something that will have many repainting their current army with battle honours either for or against these heroic (or villainous if you prefer) warriors of mankind.

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