Friday, 23 October 2009

FICTION REVIEW: Divas - Rebecca Chance


Stunning good looks, a gorgeous fiance, a bottomless trust fund, London's leading It Girl, Lola Fitzsimmons, leads a charmed life, a pampered princess whose rich father funds her every whim. Evie on the other hand has had to work her own way up life's greasy pole - literally! But, having hooked herself an indulgent sugar daddy, Evie has been able to give up her pole-dancing career, abandoning New York's seedy strip bars for a luxury Manhattan penthouse. Both Lola and Evie are about to meet their nemesis. Overnight, Lola's credit cards are refused, her fiance disappears and she finds herself locked out of her own Chelsea mews house. That same day, Evie is abruptly thrown out onto the streets. One woman lies behind their misfortune. With Lola's father lying helpless in a coma, her icy stepmother has seized control of the purse strings - and cut off her spoiled stepdaughter without a penny. The same stepmother who happens to be married to Evie's sugar daddy. Although the two girls loathe one another on sight, Lola and Evie must team up if they are to defeat their common enemy: the Ice Queen herself. Let battle commence.


This book tells the story of an IT girl losing her trust fund, getting arrested for her Fathers death and living off her ex-fiancé who is now gay, sounds like fun? Add a stripper, a wicked step mother and a rather silly relationship and you have this tale rounded up. The twists, if you can call them that, were so transparent that they were not only laughable but made this novel the equivalent of watching a cheap daytime soap with less class, no realistic plot and attempted to be covered with author indulgent sex. Add to the mix a woman who only cared about getting her pasties (and we’re not talking Cornish here) back, which just went to show how lame this novel was. My advice for everyone who reads this review is to ignore this offering, buy Jackie Collins or the Beano as both have much more merit, integrity alongside a believable plot than this offering.

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Diane Girard said...

There's good schlock, mediocre schlock and dreadful schlock. I'd say this book falls into the last category.

How the heck does this stuff get pulished?