Friday, 19 February 2010

CRIME THRILLER: Angel of Death - J Robert King


A serial killer stalks Chicago. A gorgeous cop is on his trail. Someone else is watching, someone who can decide who lives and who dies. The Angel of Death in Chicago oversees all people in the city, making sure their deaths fit their lives. When a gruesome serial killer strikes, the Angel must make a startling choice. He falls in love with the cop on the killer's trail, and has to make a choice between divinity and humanity. When he chooses humanity he must face the biggest terror of all - of who he is, and who the killer is who's on their trail. The serial killer thriller runs headfirst into the supernatural in this autumn page-turner.


A pretty weird offering from Angry Robot that blends multiple genres together in a mishmash of mayhem in this novel. However whilst its going to confuse the hell out of people trying to find a genre it’s a pretty satisfying read as the title character brings his own take his place in the world to the masses alongside biblical rants as he falls in love. Its quirky, its different and its definitely a novel to make you think. Whilst it won’t please everyone especially with the ending, its definitely a novel that took me away for a few hours as I made my way through. Not something to rush and will remain in the readers subconscious long after the final page.

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Michelle said...

I'd call it paranormal suspense. Sounds intriguing.