Monday, 1 February 2010

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Innocence Proves Nothing - Sandy Mitchell


With Kyrlock and Elyra inflitrating the network of rogue psykers, the rest of the team start investigating the xenos artefact smuggling ring. As the operatives work their way deeper into the two criminal organisations, they unravel clues that suggest they might both be part of one greater evil. With danger at every turn, and paranoia running rife, can the Inquisition figure out what is going on before the Scintilla system is overrun by heretics?


As a huge fan of Sandy’s Caiphas Cain series, its always great to see him try a more serious tone within his writing and that you most certainly get from his Dark Heresy series. Whilst the universe of the future is pretty dark its one where the beacon of mankind shines perhaps a little less brightly but still as strong as mankind seeks to keep the darkness from extinguishing it. Beautifully descriptive with enough action to keep the most blood thirsty fan happy alongside the darker aspects of mankind’s war against the xenos races and it’s a cracking offering. Whilst you can jump in on this novel without having previously read the first novel in the series you really will miss a treat alongside the chance to get to know the characters and their world of double dealing where a friend one moment can be your bitterest enemy the next. Add to this a good dollop of personal paranoia and you know its going to be an adventure.

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