Friday, 27 August 2010

ART BOOK REVIEW: Dragonart Evolution - J "Neon Dragon" Peffer

Release Date: 27/08/10


This title features all-new dragons and instruction with a combination of beautiful, inspiring art, easy-to-follow instruction, and pure entertainment as the author's friendly and funny voice is heard in the character Dolosus. Readers will be able to draw every part of dragon anatomy by the end of this book and will be able to assemble those pieces into dragons of their very own.


An all new, scale sparkling tutorial from one of the nets best known Dragon Artists. Add to this a manga style and you know that the author will help you with these fantastical creatures.

Firstly, the author deals with breaking the various shapes used in the overall creation of these fabulous beasts which allows the reader to practice and see an easier way to adapt their own talents alongside style to accommodate the lessons within this title. The author then breaks down the individual components that help create the overall creature with special features on things like overbite, eyes, horns, scales etc which makes this not only fun but a pretty comprehensive guide to the creatures.

Finally, there are tips for everyone from novice to expert that would take years to learn. My only real criticism of the title is that it would have been improved had it been printed in a ring binder style so that the title will remain open on the relevant section that the artist wishes to practice from. A real find.

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