Friday, 10 December 2010

ART BOOK REVIEW: Otherworlds:How to Imagine, Paint and Create Epic Scenes of Fantasy - Tom Kidd

Release Date: 22/11/10


Draw and paint fantasy scenery. Readers learn how to bring forth ideas more quickly, and communicate a sense of place that evokes a range of emotions, especially the thrill of taking an exotic journey to explore the unknown. Readers will enjoy Tom Kidd's lively and personal step-by-step instruction that includes information on materials, observing nature, drawing, form, colour, and creating special effects. Readers learn to create scenes so vast they take your breath away with exquisite skies and aircraft, rugged terrain, glittering cites, spectacular rock formations, stormy seas, magnificent forests and more.


As many people know, I’m a huge fan of books that help the reader expand their talents as well as passing on top tips that help the reader get the most from an expert in the field to which the title pertains.

Here in this title, we get the legendary Tom Kidd giving the reader the benefit of his wealth of experience backed up with tips as well as tricks that he’s still mastering even whilst at the top of his game. This book is beautifully laid out, takes the reader through numerous mediums and also allows them to pick up tips to get the most from each technique. Perhaps Tom’s best tip is to practice, practice, practice and whilst this may come across as down heartening to the amateur it’s a truth that needs to be accepted.

Back that up with a step by step guide to get the most from what you’re doing and you know that its going to be something special as Tom encourages the reader to have fun alongside using their imagination. Finally, whilst a number of the titles released by Impact are designed to be picked up by those with no experience this one is for the reader that has been practicing their art for a while as whilst the basics are covered its designed more as a refresher rather than a by the hand guide.

All in, this title is a lot of fun, the reader/artist will benefit hugely from the authors skills and above all else it’s a title that whether you’re a professional or amateur will be referred to time and again for some tips to get their own work up to that next level or even just to figure out where the problem with the pieces construction lays.

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