Thursday, 14 April 2011

HISTORICAL FICTION REVIEW: Raven: Odin's Wolves - Giles Kristian

Release Date: 14/04/11


We lusted for an even greater prize...the one prize that can never be lost or stolen or burnt. And we would find it in Miklagard...

Raven and the Wolfpack have suffered. Good men have died, treasure has been lost. But to Norsemen such as these there is something more valuable than silver: fame - for fame is the saga-story that a warrior leaves behind when he dies. Now the Fellowship sails in search of Constantinople, which they call Miklagard, for it is there that they hope to find both riches and glory.

It is a voyage that will lead them into unknown and dangerous waters - from the barren, wind-whipped marshes of the Carmargue to the crumbling walls and blood-drenched arenas of a decaying Rome, from brutal hand-to-hand conflict, to vile treachery and betrayal. And as Miklagard echoes to the sound of sword and axe and spear, Raven and his fellow adventurers will pay a high price for the fame they seek...


I’ve sailed the whale road with Robert Low, I’ve fought in a shielf wall with Tim Severin and with this title I’ve taken the fabled city of Constantinople for the rightful Emperor. Each author brings something to the table that will enthuse as well as entertain the reader and with Giles’ latest the reader will cut a bloody swathe through the pages to hear more of Raven’s tale. Beautifully written the prose are ideal which when backed with a great sense of pace climbing to the peak of the fiercest storm that our crew of Wolves have ever faced as they stand off against the best that the famed city has to offer.

Finally add to this a great conclusion and some long deserved justice that the reader has been crying out for and you know that Giles’ latest title is his best to date. Whilst this will be his latest in his Raven series, at the end Giles has hinted at allowing his crew of marauders the chance to rest up and get their breath back as he’ll take us to the time of musket balls and woods, so whether it’s the American Civil War or their fight for independence we’ll have to wait to find out.

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