Monday, 25 July 2011

CRIME REVIEW: Where the Truth Lies - Julie Corbin

Release Date: 21/07/11


Claire's husband has been keeping secrets. About the whereabouts of the witness to the murder trial he's prosecuting . And about the letters he's been getting, threatening to kill their four-year-old, unless he tells the blackmailer where the witness is hiding. With their daughter's life at stake, it is left to Claire to untangle the web of lies and half-truths and find out just who might be responsible. And to stop them. Before it's too late.


OK, I missed Julie Corbin’s debut, Tell Me No Secrets, however that didn’t mean that I didn’t hear a lot of good things about it. So when I discovered that the new title was out it was one that I endeavoured to seek out to see not only what I’d missed, but also to give the author a fair crack especially seeing as the second novel is usually the tempering of the author whereas the first is more the baptism of fire.

What unfurls within this book is a title that is strongly characters drawn, they’re the key to the novel and whilst the overall arc is gripping, it’s characters like Claire who keep you glued as they face not only a parent’s nightmare but also a task that feels insurmountable.

It was gripping, it was reasonably paced and it was a tale that kept you glued due to the high tension throughout. Add to this a beautifully created arc, some nicely used prose and all in it was a successful story that more than entertained the reader. Finally add to this the authors own “voice” in her writing style and I suspect that she’ll be a name to watch in the near future. Great stuff.

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