Tuesday, 26 July 2011

FACTUAL REVIEW: Making Craft Cider: A Ciderists Guide - Simon McKie

Release Date: 10/04/11


Small-scale cider production is big business. In recent years the drink has seen a surge in popularity which has been a boon not only to the large industrial makers but also to small producers and home cider makers who value taste and complexity. This book takes us through the history, concepts, practicalities and techniques of craft cider production. It looks at the different styles of cider, and the effect of fruit variety, climate and orchard location on the finished drink. Each step in the process of production is dealt with separately and explained, and the book concludes with a suggested method for the home cider maker. This is the perfect introduction for anyone considering cider making, and a fascinating explanation of the history and process of real cider production for anyone who simply enjoys drinking it.


OK, let’s be honest here this is a book that will appeal to the west country quite a lot and whilst I’m more of a real ale and mead man myself I can appreciate the skills required to create that special blend from nature’s bounty. What this book from Simon McKie will do is take you by the hand through the various stages on the creation of the forbidden fruits alcoholic beverage from picking the right variety of apples to the various different stages of brewing and does it very well.

It’s in depth, it has easy to follow steps and whilst I don’t really touch the stuff myself, I always appreciate a master crafter at work. All in this was a fascinating book that not only presented the history of drink but also kept the reader fascinated at all the various products that can be created from one simple piece of fruit which made this a real gem of a book and one that really does deserve lots of time and attention which many Ciderist’s (or perhaps Ciderist’s in waiting) will lavish over almost as a religious experience. Great stuff.

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