Friday, 15 July 2011

STEAMPUNK REVIEW: Parasol Protectorate 4: Heartless - Gail Carriger

Release Date: 14/07/11


Lady Alexia Maccon, soulless, is at it again, only this time the trouble in the air is not her fault. When a mad ghost threatens the queen, Alexia is on the case, following a trail that leads her deep into her husband's past. Top that off with a sister who has joined the suffragette movement (shocking!), Madame Lefoux's latest mechanical invention, and a plague of zombie porcupines - and Alexia barely has time to remember she just happens to be eight months pregnant. Will Alexia be able to figure out who is trying to kill Queen Victoria before it's too late? Is it the vampires again or is there a traitor lurking about in wolf's clothing? And do they really have to take up residence in Lord Akeldama's second best closet?


With many a Steampunk title the hero is usually male and, when added to the paternal domination of Victorian Society its pretty hard for a female to take the lead. What Gail has created within this series is something unique, you have the Steampunk setting with Vamps and other supernatural creatures which when backed with the witty writing style and sassiness of her lead protagonist really creates something special to savour with a fine porcelain cup of Earl Grey.

Add to this a positively scandalous outlook, a great overall arc that moves at a pace that makes hiding the ankles scarcely possible and when you throw into the mix a wonderful sense of prose alongside dialogue the reader really can’t do anything but be taken in to this wonderful world. All in this was a great fourth outing for our heroine and as such leads you to wonder what future titles will hold.

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Angela Addams said...

I'm very interested in steampunk and have been on the lookout for some recommendations - this one sounds like something I would like!