Wednesday, 18 January 2012

CRIME REVIEW: Tideline - Penny Hancock

Release Date: 05/01/12


One winter's afternoon, voice coach Sonia opens the door of her beautiful riverside home to fifteen-year-old Jez, the nephew of a family friend. He's come to borrow some music. Sonia invites him in and soon decides that she isn't going to let him leave.
As Sonia's desire to keep Jez hidden and protected from the outside world becomes all the more overpowering, she is haunted by memories of an intense teenage relationship, which gradually reveal a terrifying truth. The River House, Sonia's home since childhood, holds secrets within its walls. And outside, on the shores of the Thames, new ones are coming in on the tide...


I love new authors, so this one when it landed (earlier today) was something that I was surprised at when I started as it became a novel that hooked me in from the beginning with beautifully rounded characters, wonderful plot line and a deeper hint of mystery to be uncovered as you watched the pages fly by.

Add to this a great authorly style where the prose and pace are of a high standard which when backed with a writer who is clearly out to impress and it’s going to be a tough crime debut to beat in 2012. This year really has started out highly and I really can’t wait to see what Penny hits back with next.


Natalie Westgate said...

Ooohh this sounds very intriguing! I've added it on my Amazon list and will have to give it a go.

Angela Addams said...

Sounds awesome! I love it when a new author hits the ball out of the park!