Friday, 27 January 2012

GRAPHIC NOVEL REVIEW: Tank Girl: Bad WInd Rising - Rufus Dayglo and Alan Martin

Release Date: 27/01/12


A brand new graphic novel from the exciting new "Tank Girl" creative team: Alan Martin and Rufus Dayglo!
A holiday. A hold-up. A murder. A car chase. A very large vodka. A fistfight. An earthquake. A mutant surfer. A lorry heist. A tiny moped. The return of a much loved secondary character - and a gang of killer kangaroos after Tan Girl's scalp.
Don't miss Tank Girl's latest twisted action adventure!


Ah, memories of my youth came flooding back when I opened this title in the recent relaunch of the 90’s icon alongside snippets of the film starring Lori Petty. As with the original it has a kick ass storyline, top notch humour and of course the usual amount of groinal shots that amuse the masses. Add to this cracking artwork, a twisted vision of the future which when added to the coupling of Tank Girl and Booga allows the reader to escape the dull real world for quite some time.

All in this was, rather than a truck, a tank load of fun. Great stuff.

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