Wednesday, 13 February 2013

DYSTOPIAN THRILLER: Pure 2: Fuse - Julianna Baggott

Release Date: 14/02/13


The second book in the PURE trilogy for fans of THE PASSAGE, THE ROAD and THE HUNGER GAMES. When the end came, the world was divided. Those considered perfect, the Pure, sheltered inside the controlled Dome. Outside, the Wretches struggled in a destroyed world, crippled by the fusings that branded them after the apocalypse that changed everything. Partridge, a Pure, has left the safety of the Dome in search of the truth. Pressia, a Wretch, is desperate to decode the secret that will cure her people of their fusings forever. Together, they must seek out the answers that will save humankind, and prevent the world's annihilation. But the betrayal of Partridge's departure has not been forgotten. As the Dome unleashes horrifying vengeance upon the Wretches in an attempt to get Partridge back, Partridge has no choice but to return to face the darkness that lies there, even as Pressia travels to the very ends of the world to continue their search. Theirs is a struggle against a formidable foe, and it is a fight that will push them over boundaries of land and of sea, of heart and of mind. They can only hope for success because failure is unimaginable...


Having read and enjoyed Pure last year, I was more than interested to return to Juliana’s world to see what else would occur for our protagonists as the story developed. So having stocked up on supplies I opened the first page and prepared to embark on a pleasurable read, or rather what I thought would be one.

What unfurled at the beginning was a story that left me wondering if I’d imagined the review I gave the original, it was confusing, it was convoluted and to be honest left me in the what the hell situation for quite some time yet having worked my way past that, I found a story I could sit down and enjoy, the characters were refreshing and whilst this is an adult title, it is one I’d recommend to Teen YA readers as it has all the ingredients that they’d love.

Add to the mix emotional turmoil, some wonderful twists and an author who knows where they’re going and all round it was a title I could (and will) reread again. However if you’re the type of reader that gets put off by a book that takes a while to straighten out this may not be the one for you.

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