Monday, 25 February 2013

FANTASY REVIEW: The Daylight War - Peter V Brett

Release Date: 11/02/13
Publisher:  Harper Voyager


Continuing the impressive debut fantasy series from author Peter V. Brett, The DAYLIGHT WAR is book three of the Demon Cycle, pulling the reader into a world of demons, darkness and heroes. On the night of a new moon all shadows deepen. Humanity has thirty days to prepare for the next demon attack, but one month is scarcely enough time to train a village to defend themselves, let alone an entire continent caught in the throes of civil war. Arlen Bales understands the coreling threat better than anyone. Born ordinary, the demon plague has shaped him into a weapon so powerful he has been given the unwanted title of saviour, and attracted the attention of deadly enemies both above and below ground. Unlike Arlen, Ahmann Jardir embraces the title of Deliverer. His strength resides not only in the legendary relics he carries, but also in the magic wielded by his first wife, Inevera, a cunning and powerful priestess whose allegiance even Jardir cannot be certain of. Once Arlen and Jardir were like brothers. Now they are the bitterest of rivals. As humanity's enemies prepare, the only two men capable of defeating them are divided against each other by the most deadly demons of all: those that lurk in the human heart.


This is a series I fell in love with straight away with the author first outing, The Painted Man. As with the previous two books the authors characters are not only vivid but striking in the readers imagination and whilst the other titles concentrated more on the aspects for other heroes this book is definitely the tale of those Thesan ladies who stood up to be counted.

It has some great prose, vivid descriptive prose and when added to cracking dialogue and an almost cinematic writing style only goes to show how this author has become a firm fan favourite. Add to the mix solid storytelling alongside an author who seeks to give the reader everything they want and all round this is a cracking third book in the series. Great stuff.

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