Friday, 22 February 2013

STEAMPUNK REVIEW: Homunculus - James P Blaylock

Release Date: 22/02/13


It is the late 19th century and a mysterious airship orbits through the foggy skies. Its terrible secrets are sought by many, including the Royal Society, a fraudulent evangelist, a fiendish vivisectionist, an evil millionaire and an assorted group led by the scientist and explorer Professor Langdon St. Ives. Can St. Ives keep the alien homunculus out of the claws of the villainous Ignacio Narbondo?


Having enjoyed the Aylesbury Skull by James, I really couldn’t wait to get started when this title landed yet after a few pages I was left wondering what I was so excited about as I was left trying to remember what had made this something that I had been counting down the days for. It was slow, the concept something I’ve read before and whilst it does pick up for the last part it really wasn’t a book that left me as fulfilled as the previous.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some really good bits of action in here and with a suitable cast within it really should have been so much more, yet in parts it felt more clichéd than anything else especially when the main villain was concerned. Sadly this isn’t one a book that I’ll be telling readers to start with but it does what you want and is on the same level as a good few others out there but as for standing out, sadly not so much.

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