Saturday, 9 February 2013

URBAN MILITARY FANTASY: Shadow Ops 2: Fortress Frontier - Myke Cole

Release Date: 31/01/13


The Great Reawakening did not come quietly. Suddenly people from all corners of the globe began to develop terrifying powers - summoning fire, manipulating earth, opening portals and decimating flesh. Overnight the rules had changed...but not for everyone. Alan Bookbinder might be a Colonel in the US Army, but in his heart he knows he's just a desk jockey, a clerk with a silver eagle on his jacket. But one morning he is woken by a terrible nightmare and overcome by an ominous drowning sensation. Something is very, very wrong. Forced into working for the Supernatural Operations Corps in a new and dangerous world, Bookbinder's only hope of finding a way back to his family will mean teaming up with former SOC operator and public enemy number one: Oscar Britton. They will have to put everything on the line if they are to save thousands of soldiers trapped inside a frontier fortress on the brink of destruction, and show the people back home the stark realities of a war that threatens to wipe out everything they're trying to protect.


OK, I spend quite a bit of time jumping between genres but one title that grabbed me last year was Myke Cole’s Control Point where he brought Urban Fantasy and the Military into one blend of high tension, hard fought action adventure that took you in a completely bizarre and yet unique direction. As with the first the second continues following this vein with the addition of a new character that took another aspect of the tale in a different direction.

The story is sharp, has some rough edges but all the while maintained your interest with some snappy comebacks and of course a plot that just wouldn’t let go of your mind after you’d put it down for the night. Add to this some reasonable prose a wonderful turn of phrase backed up with solid characterisations and all round it was a satisfactory read.

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