Tuesday, 2 April 2013

FANTASY REVIEW: Tainted Realm 2: Rebellion - Ian Irvine

Release Date: 12/03/13
Publisher:  Orbit


THE WAR HAS NOT BEEN LOST The countries of Cython and Hightspall are at war, with centuries of resentment and evil magic fuelling the flames. Rix has lost everything to traitors on his own side - his family, his reputation, even his right hand. Even so, he must fight. If he can reach his family's mountain fortress, perhaps he can save the refugees who follow him, and begin his own resistance. Tali has been imprisoned by those who wish to use her healing blood, but they may take even more than that. Her life will be forfeit if her captors discover her secret - that she holds the key to winning the war itself. But Rix's fortress holds secrets too, and his arrival sets off a chain of events that will bring old powers and figures out of myths back to the land ...


Having sat back and enjoyed the first title, I really couldn’t wait to see what Ian would bring to the table in the second outing. As with the original it’s a solid paced, hard action book where regardless of the side that the individuals have taken you can fully admire the depth to which they’re committed to follow their convictions.

As with the first the prose is sharp, the characters a joy to be around and when added to an author who plays not only for keeps but also gives the reader some cracking twists which make the journey harder for the heroes all round gives you a book that is hard to put down. All round a top notch second book and whilst a reread of the original will be in order, it is something that was a pure joy to do. Great stuff.

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