Tuesday, 22 January 2013

CRIME THRILLER REVIEW: The Eye Collector - Sebastian Fitzek

Release Date: 01/08/12


Ready or not, here he comes...He plays the oldest children's game in the world, hide and seek. Only the Eye Collector plays it to death. It's the same each time. A woman's body is found with a ticking stopwatch clutched in her dead hand. A distraught father must find his child before the boy suffocates - and the killer takes his left eye. Alexander Zorbach, a washed-up cop turned journalist has reported all three of the Eye Collector's murders. But this is different. His wallet has been found next to the corpse and now he's a suspect. The Eye Collector wants Zorbach to play. Zorbach has exactly forty-five hours, seven minutes to save a little boy's life. And the countdown has started...


I love a crime story that is a little different so when you add high octane action, fast paced prose and of course a hero that you’ve your own doubts about, you know that its going to be one hell of a ride. That and more is what I got from this translated title brought to the British market by Corvus.

Add to this some cracking twists and whilst in places a little predictable the whole title works quite well. My only real grumble is that I do wonder if part of the thing that let it down were problems with the translation as in places I could think of several words that would have fit better. Even so, a great story and one I was pleased I took the time to enjoy.

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