Sunday, 6 January 2013

SCIENCE FICTION AUDIO BOOK REVIEW: Warhammer 40K: Horus Heresy: Garro: Sword of Truth - James Swallow

Release Date: 06/12/12


Nathaniel Garro, knight errant and agent of the Sigillite, returns from the battlefields of Calth to find a new mission already waiting for him – a ragged fleet of Space Marines from several Legions lingers at the edge of the Terran system. With the presence of World Eaters and Emperor’s Children causing concern among the loyalist defenders and drawing a grim parallel with his own frantic flight, Garro must look beneath the obvious if he is to determine friend from foe...


As many people are aware I love a good audio book, its something that I can enjoy on journey’s or something that really hits the spot when I’m having trouble sleeping and can’t find a way to relax taking me back to the days of my childhood when I used to listen to ghost stories on the radio that sent not only a chill of excitement down my spine but delivered that wonderful feeling of safety as I’m toasty in bed.

What this title by James Swallow provides will, for quite a few readers, turn out to be something not far short of miraculous as this double length story will not only thrill and entertain but deliver a tale that will have not only the characters questioning loyalties but the listeners as well as quality vocal acting brings everything to the fore. Add to the mix a story that lends itself to the series wonderfully as well as giving the reader the type of tale they love and all round you really can’t go far wrong. Definitely value for money.

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