Wednesday, 9 January 2013

FANTASY REVIEW: The Folly of the World - Jessie Bullington

Release Date: 13/12/12


Even disaster can yield riches for the right sort of criminal...The great flood killed thousands overnight - turning the towns between the warring cities of Dordrecht and Geertruidenburg into a desolate inland sea. Into this ruined land sail three uneasy conspirators: a ruthless conman, a thug at the edge of madness and a half-feral girl who swims like a fish. Working together they could find fortune beyond reckoning beneath the waves, but the lost souls below will not give up their treasures so easily. And even if these three can survive the dark waters, that's no guarantee they will survive each other.


The end of a year is usually a dark time for many avid readers as it feels that for the Seasonal period a lot of publishers head off to hibernate, leaving the reader sadly bereft of new great reading material until the New Year. So it was with great surprise as well as relief when this book arrived from Orbit that delivered not only a story that I could sink my teeth into but one that delivered what I was really wanting. A book of violence, double dealing and of course great plot outline to keep me going throughout.

Jesse is definitely one of those authors who really never sticks within a box, preferring to twist the dark macabre tales to not only bring the reader in deeper to his power but also uses the ability to shock to bring it altogether through his wonderfully rounded characters.

Add to the mix a wonderful set of prose as well as great pace and all round I was more than happy with this author latest book. Definitely a macabre master of the future.

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