Thursday, 17 November 2011

LADY ELEANOR ART BOOK REVIEW: Great American Pin-up Art - Charles G Martignett and Louis K Meisel

Release Date: 29/05/02


This illustrated text tells the story of the American pin-up as a genre as utterly American as the paintings of Edward Hopper. It describes the genre's origins and development, showcasing the most important artists.


This title rereleased by Taschen, takes the reader on a journey to discover the best of the pin up genre by the originators and some of the best still out there. It’s got artwork by greats like Vargas, Elvgren as well as Al Moore carefully selected by the books authors Charles Martignett and Louis Meisel to give the reader a title to love.

Whilst my own personal tastes for Pin-up is more along the lines of the cheeky cheesecake sense of fun, this book gives you a wonderful journey and a cracking way to get to know the artists who inspired a future generation such as Olivia DeBerardinis, Jennifer Janesko and Luis Royo. A cracking title all round and one that I thoroughly enjoyed.

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