Monday, 14 January 2013

ART BOOK REVIEW: Masters: Art of Isis Sousa and Guests - Isis Sousa

Release Date: 27/09/12


The Art of Isis Sousa & Guests is a highly inspirational tool for you who are a Fantasy Art lover and are developing your artistic skills. Endorsed by the biggest Fantasy Art and Creative communities in the world including & it's Founder Meng To,, & it's founder Partice Leymarie,, DeviantArt's groups: Elite Artists & Paradise of Artists and The book is bound with beautiful, high-end Fantasy and Dark Fantasy works from Isis Sousa and renowned guests: Uwe Jarling, Kirsi Salonen, Jezabel Nekranea, Ertaç Altinöz, Rochelle Green, Alexander Nanitchkov, Marius Bota, Marilena Mexi, Mariana Veira and Nathie Block.Take a learning and insightful journey through the dozens of tips, articles, tutorials, lectures, video classes and nonetheless, fantastic artworks which make this one-of-a-kind art-book experience. Read and watch video tutorials and workshops right from the book using QR technology barcode scanning. Get this book as an iPAD / PDF version and enjoy bonus video workshops unavailable in the printed version of the book!. This is the trade edition with non glossy pages, please get our Special Edition Hardcopy version from our website.


As a reader I tend to see a lot of beautiful covers and at Falcata Times, I have had the pleasure of chatting to quite a few artists when they have either a new book out or given me the chance to get to know them behind the creative images that can make or break a title. Whilst this is quite a simplistic attitude to take at times, there are a whole host of talented individuals out there that whilst not what you’d consider the big names in the fantasy art world, produce high quality images and are more than happy to aid the next generation with tips, tricks and their experience to learn from.

That’s what this book by Isis Sousa and friends gives the reader. A book that explains the various techniques utilised to create a piece, tips to get certain looks yourself (that for many has been learned by many hours of experimentation) and wrapped up in wonderful prose that will aid artists move on to that next step.

Add to this hints, tips and aid from Isis’ contemporaries which when backed by abject lessons that explain practical techniques with illustrations really makes this a book to delve into for the fantasy artist within.

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