Thursday, 11 April 2013

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Witch Hunt 2: The Last Grave - Debbie Viguie

Release Date: 04/04/13
Publisher:  Arrow Books


Police Detective Samantha Ryan is doing whatever she can to forget her terrible childhood in a dark and evil coven. But escaping who you are isn't easy. She is called in on a bizarre and horrific murder case, one is steeped in the occult, and Samantha is soon led deep into a powerful coven. As she works to uncover the connection with the murder, an earthquake rocks the Bay Area. That's when Samantha has a premonition: Something is coming. Something evil.


Having enjoyed Debbie’s last title in this series, I really couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book as I knew that the way that she weaved magic, characters and storyline would more than give me something special to savour. What unfurled was a story that not only gave me what I wanted as a reader but helped expand upon the world of the original.

As with the first, the principle character was fun to be around, you cared for her and when added to some cracking twists, some real danger that made you want her to survive backed up with a real kickass plot made this an experience that I was more than pleased to enjoy.

All round a great book and a series that I can’t help but recommend to fans of the Urban Fantasy.

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