Sunday, 11 August 2013

FANTASY REVIEW: Shadows of the Apt 9: War Master's Gate - Adrian Tchaikovsky

Release Date: 01/08/13
Publisher:  Tor/Pan Macmillan


SHADOWS OF THE APT: BOOK NINE Relentlessly advancing towards Collegium, the Empire is again seeking to break down its walls. The mighty imperial armies have learnt from their failures, and Empress Seda will brook no weakness in her soldiers. However, Stenwold Maker has earned his title, and the War Master has strategies to save his city. His aviators rule the skies -- but the Wasp Kinden Empire has developed a terrifying new aerial weapon. Yet the campaign may be decided far from marching armies and the noise of battle. In an ancient forest, where Mantis clans pursue their own civil war, the Empress Seda is seeking lost magic. Some dangerous shadow of old night is locked up among these trees and she is wants its power. Cheerwell Maker must stop her, at any cost, but will their rivalry awaken something far deadlier? Something that could make even their clash of nations pale into insignificance ...


Fantasy fans have long been aware of the writing of Adrian and to be honest since I read the first book, he’s always been an author that I’ve eagerly awaited to release his next title. How this guy manages to write so much and so often is a miracle and to be honest the sheer talent presented is something that will make many others sick as its just so good.

As usual the story arc has a great set of twists and turns, the characters work wonderfully well and the supporting case also bring avenues to the overall story that you may occasionally miss until a reread. Add to this an author who clearly loves giving the reader a kick ass story alongside bringing events to the readers attention all round makes this a book that’s another cracker for the series. How he keeps managing to do this amazes me but hey, as long as I keep getting a lot of fun from the reading I’m not going to complain. Great stuff.

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