Tuesday, 28 January 2014

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: An Occult Crimes Unit Investigation: Known Devil - Justin Gustainis

Release Date: 28/01/14
Publisher:  Angry Robot


My name's Markowski. I carry a badge. Also, a crucifix, some wooden stakes, a big vial of holy water, and a 9mm Beretta loaded with silver bullets. A new supernatural gang is intent on invading Scranton - as if I didn't have enough to contend with!


The latest Justin Gustainis which takes us back to spend more time with the Police Unit that deals with the things that go bump in the night generating not only a real kickass story but one that brings the wonderfully thorny Markowski to the reader.

I love spending time with this principle character as he resolves his human side against the otherness of the people he deals with. Its quirky, has a great overall arc and when added to a criminal element goes on to show how tricky policing the unusual can be. Its definitely something that I would recommend to others and a series that has done nothing but entertain since its original release.

Add to this adventure a new danger to the otherworld community of Slide, the return of an old foe and of course a whole workload for our hero to deal with and all round you’ll be in for a treat. Great stuff.

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