Wednesday, 18 February 2015

MILITARY SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Empires: Extraction, Infiltration - Gavin Deas

Release Date: 13/11/14
Publisher:  Gollancz


This groundbreaking collaboration between two Gollancz authors tells of the invasion of Earth by two different alien races - at the same time. Two men become aware of the threat, and must work to sabotage the invasion plans and see off the aliens. Each book follows one hero, uncovering the threat to humanity and the world from their point of view. Each book can be read on its own, and will give the reader a complete, kinetic, fast-paced military SF story. But read both books and the reader gets something else - another view of (some of) the same events and crossover points, culminating in a bloody battle at Canary Wharf. The two books can be read in any order, but together they tell the story of humanity caught in the crossfire between two deadly alien races, who have made Earth their battleground...


A tale of two halves as a war against two alien species is told from two separate points of view by the amalgam of two top authors from Gollancz, Gavin Smith and Stephen Deas. Both titles are well written, have some solid twists and when added to an overall arc that is not only massive but really gives the reader a chance to see one established piece from both sides. Its definitely unique, has some great twists and whilst this is solid in itself, it’s the way that the authors bring the individual characters to life that really helps this series step out into its own.

All round a cracking piece of fiction and something that a lot of Science Fiction fans can really get behind especially as the tales not only keep you hooked but leave you wondering throughout if mankind can triumph against such odds. Magic.

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