Saturday, 7 March 2015

URBAN FANTASY THRILLER: Sherlock Holmes: The Spirit Box - George Mann

Release Date: 22/08/14
Publisher:  Titan


German zeppelins rain down death and destruction on London, and Dr Watson is grieving for his nephew, killed on the fields of France.
A cryptic summons from Mycroft Holmes reunites Watson with his one-time companion, as Sherlock comes out of retirement, tasked with solving three unexplained deaths. A politician has drowned in the Thames after giving a pro-German speech; a soldier suggests surrender before feeding himself to a tiger; and a suffragette renounces women's liberation and throws herself under a train. Are these apparent suicides something more sinister, something to do with the mysterious Spirit Box? Their investigation leads them to Ravensthorpe House, and the curious Seaton Underwood, a man whose spectrographs are said to capture men's souls..


Ah the latest outing for Urban Fantasy Holmes and Watson and for me, a series that really keeps on giving to the reader who loves a touch of the other to a cracking tale of murder and investigation. As with the other titles in this series, its well written, has great characters that still continue to grow which when added to dialogue that keeps the magic flowing all round gives me a read that more than kept me happy.

Back this up with top notch prose and of course an arc that keeps on giving with each page and all round I was a more than happy reader. Magic.

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