Sunday, 23 August 2015

HISTORICAL FICTION REVIEW: Tintagnel 1: The Blood of Kings - MK Hume

Release Date: 18/06/15
Publisher:  Headline


The fate of Roman Britain is sealed when Caradoc, King of the Dumnonii tribe in Tintagel, meets Flavius Magnus Maximus, one of the most influential Roman officers in Britannia. Their unlikely friendship leads to an ambitious plan to unite the tribal leaders and, once crowned the first High King of the Britons, Maximus casts his eyes on the throne of the Western Roman Empire.

Leading a force of brave warriors to Gaul, Maximus is victorious in battle. But it is not long after his return to Britain that hubris gnaws at him once again. Despite Caradoc's pleas to exercise caution, Maximus is determined to march on Rome itself. But who will pay the price for his bloodthirsty quest for power?


When I read Marylin’s first book “Dragon Child” I was hooked, I loved the way she brought a new flavour to the Arthurain period as well as the myths and legends wrapping then in a time period that very little is known about. I love the way she breathes life into the characters, giving each individual traits that in the whole make them stronger whilst their own personal foibles allow a vulnerability.

Here in her latest book readers are treated to a title that includes bloodshed, truces and of course merging of cultures. It is well written ,has cracking prose and of course a storyline that is hard to put down at the end of your reading time, so much so that “One more chapter” may well become a popular turn of phrase in your home.

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