Wednesday, 27 July 2016

HISTORICAL FICTION REVIEW: New World Rising 1: Son's of the Blood - Robyn Young

Release Date: 28/07/16
Publisher: Hodder


In the dying days of the Wars of the Roses a secret war is born. The battle for a crown is about to become a fight for the world.

Bastard son, mercenary soldier, protector of the rightful king, seeker of a secret more treacherous than any in Christendom: Jack Wynter is destined to live in dangerous times.

In England, the Wars of the Roses ended a decade ago with the fall of the House of Lancaster and the victory of King Edward of York. But peace sleeps uneasy in this divided realm and when the king dies unexpectedly it isn't long before old blood feuds and ambitions are awoken.

In the sun-baked city of Seville, unaware of the clouds of war rising over England, Jack Wynter is cursing his fortune. Sent here by his secretive father, king's man, Sir Thomas Vaughan - with a locked chest he has been ordered to guard with his life - Jack wonders if this mission was simply a ruse to get an illegitimate, inconvenient son out of the country. But when a stranger arrives with news that his father has been arrested for treason, Jack finds himself thrust into the heart of a deadly conspiracy.

What is the secret Jack has been guarding? Is it the reason for his father's fall? The only place he is going to find answers is back in England, where young Prince Edward is due to become king . . . unless his uncle Richard, Duke of Gloucester, decides to make a move for the throne. It is also where Jack's half-brother, Harry, broods bitterly over their father's apparent preference for a bastard son.

Jack Wynter is coming home, to a realm of intrigue and corruption, mystery and war. Somehow, he is connected to a secret that can kill him - or make him. Its influence spans Europe and will draw him towards the very edge of the known world, and beyond, in Robyn Young's dazzling new epic.

The old world is turning.

A new world is rising.


In recent years, a lot of authors are taking inspiration from the War of the Roses (Aka, The Cousins War). It’s a pretty harsh time to be alive, where the nobility faces death as easily as a serf with each choice leading to possible death, treachery and at times the loss of lands and titles.

Its well written and whilst I did have problems with some of Robyn’s earlier work, this title for me, has gone to show that she has not only matured as a writer but manages to balance the story with great prose, top notch pace and also brings relatable characters together with fictional ones to create a new dynamic.

Add to this solid dialogue as well as a hugely epic over arc and all round, its going to be a series to savour. Thanks Robyn.

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