Thursday, 31 August 2017

CRIME THRILLER REVIEW: Kill the Father - Sandrone Dazieri

Release Date: 10/08/17
Publisher:  Simon and Schuster


The twisty and darkly compelling thriller and RICHARD & JUDY BOOKCLUB PICK that will keep you up all night.

'The rock cast a sharp, dark shadow over a shape huddled on the ground. Please don’t let it be the boy, Colomba thought. Her silent prayer didn’t go unanswered. The corpse belonged to the mother.'


Dante Torre spent eleven young years in captivity - held by a man known only as The Father - before outwitting his abductor. Now working for the police force, Torre's methods are unorthodox but his brilliance is clear. When a young child goes missing in similar circumstances in Rome, Torre must confront the demons of his past to attempt to solve the case.

Paired with Deputy Captain Colomba Caselli, a fierce, warrior-like detective still reeling from having survived a bloody catastrophe, all evidence suggests The Father is active after being dormant for decades, and that he’s looking forward to a reunion with Dante ...


When it comes to crime novels these days, a lot of people tend to point to the Scandinavian influx that demonstrates how it can be done well blending landscape as well as culture to create something wonderfully haunting, but I have to say that one nation to keep a careful eye on are the Italians as this wonderfully translated title from Sandrone will prove as he brings his blend of crime to the english speaking world.

Its haunting, it has top notch twists and perhaps best of all characters who are so flawed that you'd swear he'd swiped them from real life. They have foibles, they have their weaknesses but its this human part that makes them so believable. Back this with a good amount of investigative detail and all round I was a happy reader. Yes it lost it a little towards the end and could have been tied up a bit neater but all round, for a debut novel I have to say I was more than impressed. I'll be keeping a careful eye on future outings for our duo Torres and Caselli and of course expect in time for them to have thier own TV show. Magic.

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