Monday, 25 May 2009

NEWS: Rainbow Stars Speak out in No Hold Barred Book

Not many have heard but we thought that we'd best bring this to you now:

The Stars of Rainbow are about to come clean and tell their story to Tim Randall.

For over twenty years Zippy, George and Bungle were the biggest stars on children's television, inspiring a whole generation of adoring fans. But behind the smiles and the brightly coloured fur, all was not what it seemed in the Rainbow house. Having spent the last seventeen years refusing approaches from publishers to tell their story, the squabbling stars have agreed -- thanks to some serious financial inducements and a clause insisting they don't have to spend more than three hours in the same room together -- to talk to journalist Tim Randall about the highs and lows and the heartbreaks they have endured. From their humble beginnings to international stardom, via the wilderness years, this is Zippy, George and Bungle's fascinating autobiography. Here, for the very first time, is the inside story of what really happened at the beginning, middle and end of their Rainbow.

This book will be arriving in the shops in October 09 from Headline Publishing.

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