Friday, 8 May 2009

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Thunder Moon - Lori Handeland


There's something in the air tonight ...Practical, sceptical Grace McDaniel was not looking for romance. The sheriff of Lake Bluff, Georgia, and the granddaughter of a Cherokee doctor, Grace's hands are full with the daily trouble of small-town life. Arriving in the wake of a freak storm is Ian Walker, a mysterious stranger who blends modern medicine and traditional Native American cures. Even though she is wary of his ideas, Grace cannot resist what his touch awakens in her. But Ian is hiding a terrifying secret. And only he knows the truth about a creature stalking the citizens of Lake Bluff. A creature who preys on the dying ...and then on the young, the living, the vibrant ...Now, to save her people, Grace must put her faith in Ian's haunting power and succumb to her wildest passions - before the rumble of thunder fills the air, and a relentless evil strikes again...


With a great number of readers loving werewolf fiction there’s one lady who blends the supernatural romanticism with that of the Loup Garou and ties it up with native American myths to generate a series that flies in the face generating a tale that many will come to love. Here in her latest offering you get more of what made her famous along with a tale to really get your teeth into.

Its fun, its heroines are feisty and above all there’s a plot that you’ll just enjoy to the max. Well written, humorous in places but above all Lori’s ability to describe things in quite a spartanite way allow the book to focus on the story. As usual you can jump straight in with any of her books without having to have read any of the previous as all tales are more or less self contained with repeat character appearances to tie the series together. Good fun.

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