Friday, 30 April 2010

CRIME THRILLER REVIEW: One Scream Away - Kate Brady


One step away...Seven years ago Beth Denison was attacked by a killer named Chevy Bankes. Since then, she's created a new life for herself and her daughter. But now Bankes is out of prison and the gifts he sends her ? disfigured dolls that carry the same mutilations as his victims ? tells Beth he's coming for her. One breath away...Ex-FBI agent Neil Sheridan is driven to investigate a chain of murders that are eerily similar to a disturbing case from his past. When the killer's trail dead-ends at Beth's doorstep, Neil finds a beautiful woman with a secret she'll do anything to keep. One scream away...Yet even as Beth surrenders to Neil's protection, she can't tell him why Bankes hungers to hear her scream, and why she'll soon consider doing the unthinkable: face Bankes alone.


A romance crime thriller and one that will more than likely win Kate fans the world over as it’s a beautiful piece of fiction. Overall the main cut and thrust of the tale is about the serial killer on the principle protagonista’s tale and whilst the romantic sub plot is there, its used to help lull and sooth the reader after moments of high tension and action. It is a cleverly conceived plot with characters that gel within the readers imagination and whilst they both have their weaknesses it only goes to show how together a pairing can be made stronger. A tale I was more than satisfied with by its conclusion and one that I’m more than happy to recommend to readers.

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