Friday, 16 April 2010

GRAPHIC NOVEL REVIEW: Hellblazer: Pandemonium - Jamie Delano, Jock


Movie star...comic book icon...John Constantine, the legendary chain-smoking, hard-drinking man of the occult is back - and as usual, he's his own worst enemy!Hellblazer returns for a 20th anniversary celebration with an original graphic novel. Members of the Iraqi insurgency are demonically possessed, and there's only one man who can get to the bottom of it - John Constantine! From cold and foggy London to the hot and brutal climate of Iraq, Constantine finds himself embroiled in an ancient mystery, and at the mercy of a beautiful and intriguing female Iraqi agent.This title is from Hellblazer creator Jamie Delano and white-hot artist Jock ( The Losers , Green Arrow: Year One )


Hellblazer is definitely a British institution so its always great when they bring ol’ John up to date in tales of our own world woven with the magical mythos of the world to which he lives. Well written, backed up with flowing script alongside a modern art interpretation and each panel has something new about and revealing about it. A great offering and one that you’ll be pleased that you picked up in hardback as it will be well thumbed before long.

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