Wednesday, 18 May 2011

FACTUAL REVIEW: Teutoburg Forest AD 9 - Michael McNally, Ill. Peter Dennis

Release Date: 10/01/11


'Quintilius Varus, give me back my legions!’ supposedly yelled Augustus Caesar when he received the news of the disaster in the Teutoburg Forest. One of the greatest military disasters of the Roman Empire, Teutoburg Forest witnessed the near-total annihilation of three Roman legions at the hands of the German barbarians led by their Roman-educated chief Arminius. Michael McNally tells the complete story of the disaster, supported by the incredible artwork of Peter Dennis.


In a modern world where we have documented evidence of the errors of the past its always interesting to read what caused some of the calamities to the powers of the day. In this case, the Roman Legion (or rather Varus’ legions,) during their march to replace the legion that had been stationed in Germany during the first century. What is perhaps most fascinating is not only the legions destruction but also the guerrilla tactics utilised by the German tribes in order to hamstring the usual fighting style of their foes.

This title is concise; it has great details and is easily comprehended by any interested in this time period. There are lessons there for everyone from the modern military strategist to the young table top war gamer. All in a great read and one which when backed with great detailed illustrations alongside historical information to help explain the events make this a title that is one to be not only treasured but also read time and again for inspiration.

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