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URBAN FANTASY ROMANCE REVIEW: Goddess Summoning 4 and 5: Goddess of the Rose and Goddess of Love - PC Cast

Release Date: 03/02/11


It's not green fingers that have kept the Empousai family's roses blooming for centuries - it's the drops of blood that their women secretly sacrifice for their gardens. But Mikki would rather forget this family quirk and lead a normal life. Until the day she unwittingly performs a ritual and ends up in the strangely familiar Realm of the Rose. As its goddess, Hecate, reveals to her, Mikki has the blood of a high priestess running through her veins. And the realm has been waiting for her ...In a long ago flash of temper, Hecate cursed her Guardian beast with a slumber that only her priestess can undo - and Hecate is counting on Mikki to set things right. At first the beast terrifies Mikki - but soon he intrigues her more than any man ever has. But the only way he and the realm can be saved is for Mikki to sacrifice her life-giving blood - and herself ...


This for me is perhaps the strangest of the Goddess Summoning series to date as whilst in some way or form I’ve been able to connect to previous lead characters, here Mikki is not only detestable but difficult to get a handle upon, she’s a woman of contradictions and with her choices following no discernable pattern made her easily the hardest choice for a female lead that PC has done to date.

Not that I’m saying it’s a bad thing but when I cannot connect with a lead I have trouble enjoying the book in which they appear. In part this tale is the ancient mythos of Hecate, in others it feels like a modern interpretation of Beauty and the Beast with more carnal knowledge than Disney fluffy bunnies (unless of course they were in the dog’s dinner.) It’s a wide leap from the previous titles in the series that I’ve read to date and whilst different to a certain degree allows the reader the chance to meet and understand a character different to the norm. All in, I felt highly rewarded by the tales conclusion and whilst it isn’t my favourite in the series it has cast another layer to the overall feel.

Release Date: 12/05/11


Pea Chamberlain needs help. Her shoes, hair, clothes, make-up are all disasters and she really needs a makeover - especially if she wants to attract sexy fireman Griffin DeAngelo at the firemen's masked ball. And who better to coax Pea out of her pod than the Goddess of Love, whom she invokes when she gets her hands on a book of enchantments. Sure enough, Venus works her magic on Pea, which is what she has been doing for eons - helping others find love. But who will help the Goddess of Love when she finds herself falling head over heels for the same sexy fireman she is trying to land for Pea? Could it be that Venus needs a love makeover herself?


OK, I read the first title in this series and loved it, I’ve had a break and whilst I’m currently waiting for the others to land, couldn’t resist the temptation of this, the latest release in the series. As with the original, its beautifully crafted, the lead female characters are not only emotionally strong but also allow others to develop on their own paths and whilst in this book, Pea starts out as a meek and mild, easily embarrassed woman, she blooms to her full potential though the administration alongside care and attention of the delightful Venus.

All in a satisfactory read, a real gluttony of passion, of character growth and if you love a bit of the more hardcore angle of romance, this title will more than meet your expectations. Throw into the mix, a wonderful arc, some great prose and characters who can not only stand up for themselves but also stand out from the rest and you know that it’s a series that will more than please the reader. Perhaps PC’s best solo work to date.

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I haven't read any PC Cast books, likely a shocker I know, but you make them sound good enough I may have to add them to my ever expanding tbr pile. :)