Monday, 15 August 2011

FANTASY REVIEW: A Blight of Mages - Karen Miller

Release Date: 04/08/11


Dorana is a country ruled by a rigid class system based upon magical aptitude and the right pedigree. While all Doranens have mage ability, some are more blessed than others.

Morgan is one of the powerful ruling elite, fanatically devoted to enforcing the regulations and maintaining the purity of mage bloodlines. When he falls in love with Barl, a woman of inferior breeding who possesses astonishing mage powers, he sets himself upon a dangerous course.

A terrible mage war erupts when Morgan becomes unstoppable, driving Barl to lead a small pack of survivors into the distant mountains. When they arrive, their welcome is not what they expected, and Barl must embark upon a desperate course to protect and preserve her people until they may be needed once again . . .


When a series already has an established history, its always difficult for an author to go back in time and write a prequel. That said, whilst you’re stuck rigidly to the overall facts, the journey to get there can be an adventure.

This, the latest tale by Karen Miller, explores prehistory and whilst a certain amount of the heart in mouth moments are not as scary as they could have been (as we know who survives) the overall effect was a title that took great pleasure in the exploration of a time of interest.

All in it’s a fun book and if you haven’t read any of her work before this is where I’d suggest you start the Mage titles, purely for the fact that when you deal with things linearly in the timeline rather than publication wise, the twists and turns will have more effect and generate the magic that a real piece of well written escapism can do for a reader. Magic lives…

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