Tuesday, 2 August 2011

URBAN FANTASY CRIME REVIEW: A Serpent Uncoiled - Simon Spurrier

Release Date: 04/08/11


Dan Shaper's sins are a sickness. Working as a fixer in London's criminal underworld has brought him to the edge of breakdown, and the drugs don't bury the nightmares like they used to. He needs to straighten-up and rebuild his life, but instead gets the attention of his old gangland masters and a job-offer from George Glass: an eccentric old man convinced he's secretly an ancient Messiah. Normally Shaper would recoil from Glass's senile brand of New Age salvation, but the case is as tantalising as it is lucrative: A missing mobster. A bizarre spiritualist society. Three accidental deaths, unconnected but for a chilling forensic detail. And a note: You're on a list. Adrift amidst liars and thugs, Shaper must push his capsizing mind beyond its limits: stalked not only by a unique and terrifying murderer, but by the ghosts of his own brutal past.


If you love crime with an Urban Fantasy twist, a flawed lead character and a twisted plotline that will keep you guessing then you’ve come to the right author. With Felix “Fix” Castor on sabbatical, readers have been seeking a gumshoe for that London fix who isn’t afraid to step into the area’s too dark for mere mortals, who isn’t afraid to do what’s right and whilst he hasn’t always been the right side of the law, his hearts in the right place.

Add to this a cracking back up cast, some great prose and dialogue that will demonstrate Simon’s sense of humour as well as giving a wonderful sidelong glance to a London that the Government wants hidden for the 2012 Olympics and it’s a wonderful homage to the underbelly that many believe has long gone. (Just don’t mention the Krays.)

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