Saturday, 15 December 2012

HISTORICAL URBAN FANTASY: The Kingdom of Bones - Stephen Gallager

Release Date: 06/12/12


It was my friend, Bram Stoker, who told me of the legend of the Wanderer a man who made a bargain with the devil himself, trading his soul for forbidden knowledge and eternal life.

Once I would have dismissed such tales as mere fancy but I knew what I had seen. And there is no mind so open as that of desperate man.

A dark Gothic Victorian thriller, The Kingdom of Bones unfolds in a twilight world of music halls, boxing booths, and travelling theatrical shows; and pits a formidable Pinkerton detective against a man who fears more than justice.


I love books that not only fulfil what I’m looking for but forge their own path delivering something unexpected. What Stephen produces for the reader is a book of mystery, of intrigue and of course brought together with murder, mayhem and the authors own unique voice.

Add to this a great overall arc with a good few twists, some wonderful prose and when blended with a writing style that just keeps you glued, all round makes this a book that you will just love and a great item to ask for at this time of year when murder may be foremost on your own mind. LOL

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