Saturday, 9 November 2013

DVD REVIEW: ATM - Brian Geraghty, Alice Eve, David Brooks - Lionsgate

Release Date: 14/10/13
Publisher:  Liongate UK


Three office workers find themselves trapped by a sadistic psychopath in this horror from director David Brooks. Offering a ride home to his co-worker and love interest, Emily (Alice Eve), after their late night Christmas party, David (Brian Geraghty) feels obliged to help out when another employee, Corey (Josh Peck), asks for a lift to the nearest cash dispenser. But after entering the stand-alone unit, the three soon realise that they are being watched by a threatening hooded figure lurking in the car park. Trapped inside the booth, with their phones left in the car and panic setting in, they are horrified when the figure savagely murders a passing dog walker, setting in motion a terrifying game of cat and mouse.


OK, so this is a film that you just can’t take seriously. It’s got a cast with the survival instinct of a manically depressed Lemming, has no real script other than lets go on a murder spree with a killer that’s dressed in a Parker that feels about as scary as parp in a spacesuit. And worryingly these are the film highlights.

So why would you rent this? Well to be honest it’s so bad that it’s funny and after a good 20 mins of laughing at the futility of it, we decided to mute it and do our own voice overs. OK, yes this might sound a little silly but for some entertainment, well it was worth having it in the TV. If you haven’t got the inclination to do this, then I’d advise you leave it purely on the shelf, unless of course you want to get vengeance on a relative that constantly gets you bad films in which case this would be the ultimate killer that might teach them a lesson.

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