Tuesday, 26 November 2013

FANTASY REVIEW: Rojan Dizon Novel 3: Last to Rise - Francis Knight

Release Date: 26/11/13
Publisher:  Orbit


The towering vertical city of Mahala is on the brink of war with its neighbouring countries. It might be his worst nightmare, but Rojan and the few remaining pain-mages have been drafted in to help. The city needs power in whatever form they can get it - and fast. With alchemists readying a prototype electricity generator, and factories producing guns faster than ever, the city's best advantage is still the mages. Leading the alchemists is Rojan's sister, with a risky plan to help tap the mages' strength and overcome the armies marching towards them. With food in the city running out, and a battle approaching that no one is ready for, risky is the best they've got ...


The second novel in this cracking fantasy series is one that not only grabbed my attention with the debut but also has managed in this, the second book to not only expand upon the world but also help the character grow so much so that the series feels like its about to take on a life of its own.

Add to this some great twists, solid prose and a reluctant hero all round makes this a cracking fantasy to purchase for any fan of the genre. The only downside, is if you haven’t already read the first I’d suggest that you do so and if you have, then I’d suggest a reread, not because you’ll have forgotten any of the details but it’s a pleasurable way to help you relax and get the most from this book. Great stuff.

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