Wednesday, 3 December 2014

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: The HIve Construct - Alexander Maskill

Release Date: 09/10/14
Publisher:  Doubleday


Situated deep in the Sahara Desert, New Cairo is a city built on technology - from the huge, life-giving solar panels that keep it functioning in a radically changed, resource-scarce world to the artificial implants that have become the answer to all and any of mankind's medical problems. But it is also a divided city, dominated by a handful of omnipotent corporate dynasties. And when a devastating new computer virus begins to spread through the poorest districts, shutting down the life-giving implants that enable so many to survive, the city begins to slide into the anarchy of violent class struggle. Hiding amidst the chaos is Zala Ulora. A gifted hacker and fugitive from justice, she believes she might be able to earn her life back by tracing the virus to its source and destroying it before it destroys the city. Or before the city destroys itself...With its vivid characters, bold ideas and explosive action, The Hive is science fiction at its most exciting, inventive and accessible.


This book really sold itself to me from the synopsis on the reverse especially as one of the themes explored is in the news so much at the moment. The concept was thought provoking which when added a key concept that spans the life of three principle characters as events throw them together.

Whilst I loved the concept for me the author sadly made quite a few errors for me as a reader. Firstly the title was over populated with secondary cast members which took attention away from the principle players. Secondly the plot is quite slow and when added to prose that doesn’t’ leap off the page all round left me feeling a bit cheated.

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