Thursday, 18 December 2014

VIDEO GAME REVIEW: Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham - Warner Brothers Interactive

Release Date: 14/11/14
Publisher:  Warner Brothers Interactive


Join Batman and a whole host of DC super heroes in the fight against Braniac in a LEGO adventure of epic proportions.
Collect the Lantern Rings from an array of different Lantern Worlds for you to explore and bring peace to the universe!
Access Batman's training modules, take part in various challenges, battles and races, and become the strongest superhero the world has ever known.
Unlock over 150 unique heroes and villains from the DC universe, including members of the justice league and LEGO big figures, to do battle with.
Control your favourite heroes and villains, each with new gadgets and abilities for you to discover and utilise.


As a huge Lego fan, I’m always counting down the days until the item is released. Yet for all the games that are out, my absolute favourite in the Lego range is of course Lego Marvel. Yet as much as they’ve competed on the screens and in the fans hearts, the real Lego battle was of course going to be between Marvel and Batman 3.

So what does the new Batman title have to offer? Well for a start an absolute ton of DC Superheroes and Villains to play (for me my favourite is The Flash) and whilst it takes a while to get back into (with the various costume options to pick up) and when added to a fun storyline and of course a whole host of secrets to discover, its when you get to replay through that the extra fun kicks in especially when you get to earn characters as well as putting together the hidden builds for each level.

All round a great piece of fun and whilst overall the animation is wonderful, I wasn’t that struck with Croc as I felt his was a little cruse.

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