Friday, 6 January 2017

FANTASY REVIEW: The Grim Company 3: Dead Man's Steel - Luke Scull

Release Date: 01/12/16
Publisher:  Head of Zeus


The final instalment in the critically-acclaimed Grim Company trilogy.

The Age of Ruin is near complete: in the far North the Nameless stirs beneath the Spine Mountains and demonspawn push ever southwards; from the West the Fade have returned, vowing to purge the realm of humankind; and an ancient weapon, forged in the Godswar, has once again been unleashed to ravage the land.

Weakened by in-fighting, the surviving Magelords are unable – or unwilling – to use their power to defend humanity. The last spark of hope rests with the surviving members of the Grim Company: Davarus Cole, Brodar Kane and Eremul the Halfmage.


The final part in Luke's Grim Company Trilogy and to be honest it was one hell of a ride from start to finish and whilst I haven't championed the series I hav to say that the conclusion left me feel that as an author he's learned a hell of a lot to present a finale that will entertain aswell as pay its dues to those who have gone before.

The story isn't rushed, the prose solid and for me, the way that the characters come across in this final outing when all bets are off, makes this title a lot more believable with death being a close companion throughout the pages.

Back this up with some modern twists of language alongside tp notch action sequences and fantasy fans will be more than satisfied by the titles end. I look forward to future outings.

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