Saturday, 20 May 2017

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Alex Verus 8: Bound - Benedict Jacka

Release Date: 06/04/17
Publisher: Orbit


Alex Verus can see the future. But he never thought he'd see this day.

Manoeuvred by forces beyond his control, the probability mage has made a terrible choice: he's agreed to work for his old master once more.

Richard Drakh, the sadistic dark mage Alex escaped as an apprentice, has him in his clutches again. And this time, he won't let go so easily.


If you're looking for a deliciously dark title that has a solid principle character, careful plot twists alongside an overall arc that will have you turning left and right as you try to figure things out, then you may want to pick up this book from Benedict Jacka.

The principle character is one you want to spend time with, has good prose alongside a cracking understanding of pace which in turn makes this a top notch read. The only problem is that this is the eighth book in the series so I wouldn't advise you to start here and lets face it why would you when you've got chance to see how the character has changed from the humble beginnings. OK, so yes it wasn't a must read for me at the beginning of the Alex Verus tales but as its developed so too has the writing of Benedict and for me that is the sign of an author really taking the time to make sure that their readers get the best they can possibly give. Magic.

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