Wednesday, 5 July 2017

FANTASY REVIEW: Pathfinder Tales: Gears of Faith - Garbielle Harbowy

Release Date: 04/07/17
Publisher:  Tor US


Keren is a sworn knight of lomedae, proper and disciplined in every way. Her girlfriend, Zae, is the opposite - a curious gnome cleric of the clockwork god, who loves nothing more than the chaos of her makeshift hospitals. When a powerful evil artifact is stolen from a crusader stronghold, both knight and gnome are secretly sent to the great city of Absalom to track down the stolen bloodstone. Sure, they may not be the most powerful or experienced members of their organizations, but that's the whole point - with legendary champions and undead graveknights battling at every turn in their race to recover the stone, who'll notice one young knight and her gnome? All they have to do is stay alive long enough to outsmart a thief capable of evading both gods and heroes.


I love books that take me on a journey so I was more than happy to delve back into the Pathfinder series with this the latest offering. Here in this book the reader is presented with two principle characters who clearly love and have an establshed relationship with each other. They're well thought out, work well and each adds their own individual spiritual as well as personality strengths into the story. They're likeable, well worth spending time with and all round helped give the reader people to care about.

However that said, there are other problems with the story. Firstly I though the pacing was a little bit off, its lulls didn't really do much and as to the higher octane action sequences they never really got out of second gear. Add to this some poor choices with prose and when added to a tale that spends more time setting things up for quite short sequences all round left me feeling flat. A great shame.

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