Saturday, 1 July 2017

MYSTICISM REVIEW: Calling Us Home - Chris Luttichau

Release Date: 09/03/17
Publisher: Head of Zeus


From one of our most respected shamanic teachers, a blueprint for happiness which interweaves practical teachings, history, anecdote and ancestral wisdom. Alongside consciousness, meditation and mindfulness, shamanism, with its vision of the interconnectedness of all life, is undergoing an unprecedented revival in the western world. With personal stories from the author's 35-year study of shamanism and the earth-wisdom teachings, and clear, practical tools, this book offers a path leading to the transformation of ourselves, of our reality and consequently the course of our lives. It is a life-changing message from the heart of shamanism.

Chris Luttichau shares his teachings on shamanism and earth-based spirituality in workshops and ongoing training groups through the Northern Drum Shamanic Training Centre. He also leads wilderness expeditions.


In a world where we seek to believe in what we can see and feel, there are times when it feels that you want to connect back to older days, when we connected more to the earth through mysticism.

This book by one of the leading names in the field helps bring it to the modern reader so that the information is not only there but accessible in a way that makes sense. It allows you to delve more into yourself and discover your inner peace as well as aiding you relax through escapism of the modern world.

All round its well written, easy to follow and if you're open it gives you that chance to find a way to "speak" to those who have gone before. Definitely an interesting read.

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