Friday, 17 November 2017

FANTASY REVIEW: The Great God's War 1: Seventh Decimate - Stephen Donaldson

Release Date: 16/11/17
Publisher:  Gollancz


The war between Amika and Belleger has raged for generations. Its roots lie in the distant past, beyond memory. Sorcerers from both sides rain destruction down on the battlefield, wielding the six deadly Decimates of fire, earth, wind, water, lightning, and pestilence.

Prince Bifalt hopes that Belleger's new weapons technology, the rifle, will provide a decisive advantage. But when Belleger's sorcerers are mysteriously deprived of their magical abilities, leaving them unable to defend against Amika, he must set aside his own deep hatred of sorcery and work to solve this new enigma.

Grasping at any chance to save his beloved homeland, Prince Bifalt of Belleger sets out on a hazardous journey across the unmapped wastelands to the east. With Elgart, his last comrade, Bifalt pursues the long-hidden trail of the one object that might be able to turn the tide of the endless war - a book entitled The Seventh Decimate.

The events that unfold force Prince Bifalt to weigh his stubbornness, his patriotism, and his hatred for sorcerers against his sense of loyalty and of what he knows to be right. And as he learns, Amika and Belleger may simply be pawns within an even larger struggle...


I love a cracking fantasy book and whilst I've discovered new authors, there's always something delightful about returning to authors that you've grown up with for that extra special pleasure. Here in this new outing from Stephen Donaldson, the reader is treated to a book that not only brings full rounded characters to the fore but also ones that are made more human by the fact that they have foibles as well as boons. They're flawed like the rest of us and whilst they try to do the best that they can, the way that story revolves demonstrates that choices have consequences and that everyone will have to live with them.

The book in addition to this has great pace, some wonderful twists and when added to a refined writing style that delivers on what made the previous books that he's written so great, all round gives you something not only cracking to settle down with but makes this the start of a series that you can't wait to get the next part to in order to see how things will develop and change. A magical outing and for me, a book that really deserves to be added to any fantasy fan's Christmas list.

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