Thursday, 30 November 2017

PARANORMAL THRILLER: Twelve Days - Steven Barnes

Release Date: 12/06/17
Publisher:  Tor


A paranormal thriller from master storyteller Steven Barnes: A broken family struggles to hold itself together against a plot to unleash global genocide in Twelve Days

Around the world, leaders and notorious criminals alike are mysteriously dying. A terrorist group promises a series of deaths within two months. And against the backdrop of the apocalypse, the lives of a small shattered family and a broken soldier are transformed in the bustling city of Atlanta.

Olympia Dorsey is a journalist and mother, with a cynical teenage daughter and an autistic son named Hannibal, all trying to heal from a personal tragedy. Across the street, Ex-Special Forces soldier Terry Nicolas and his wartime unit have reunited Stateside to carry out a risky heist that will not only right a terrible injustice, but also set them up for life--at the cost of their honor. Terry and the family's visit to an unusual martial arts exhibition brings them into contact with Madame Gupta, a teacher of singular skill who offers not just a way for Terry to tap into mastery beyond his dreams, but also for Hannibal to transcend the limits of his condition. But to see these promises realized, Terry will need to betray those with whom he fought and bled.

Meanwhile, as the death toll gains momentum and society itself teeters on the edge of collapse, Olympia's fragile clan is placed in jeopardy, and Terry comes to understand the terrible price he must pay to prevent catastrophe.


As a reader of a lot of thrillers, I love it when author's blend genres and bring new elements into the story. It gives it a whole new set of tropes to play with which often can turn elements upon thier heads within the overall arc.

That said, it can also really bind authors as well, and sadly for me this is what happened with this tale from Steven Barnes. Firstly whilst I did like some of the characters within I have to say that for me, the supernatural element wasn't required it could easy have just been a real world thriller without having to bring any of the Urban elements within.

Back this up with hard action sequences and sexual elements that were overly descriptive all round left me feeling uncomfortable that sadly pulled me out of the story. Whilst many will enjoy this story, for me it was more of a middle of the road title that sadly didn't have enough going for it to stand out. A great shame.

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