Monday, 3 August 2009

YOUNG ADULT REVIEW: Dragon Orb: Aurora - Mark Robson


Four dragonriders on a mission to save their world. Elian and his dawn dragon, Aurora, lead the search for the fourth and final orb. Pursued by night dragons and helped by a WWI airman, the four dragonriders are drawn into a huge aerial battle between all the dragon enclaves. The ultimate fate of dragonkind hangs by a thread. To restore order, a terrible price must be paid ...


To be blunt, this is a book that I have been waiting for which currently feels like an age as I have longed to see how this epic Young Adult Adventure Fantasy would conclude with the forces arrayed against our young band of heroes. Focusing on positive as well as idealistic character traits this novel really is a pleasure to enjoy as each of our band of characters come to life for both genders allowing it to be an equal opportunity novel that will inspire any who read it.

Cunningly crafted certain aspects escaped my attention from the very beginning, which added to my surprise when each element was finally revealed. A wonderful ending to a cracker of a series although the way to return to Areth is left open for future forays with some extremely interesting premises. Great stuff Mark.

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